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    • canSAR: updated cancer research and drug discovery knowledgebase. 

      Bulusu, KC; Tym, JE; Coker, EA; Schierz, AC; Al-Lazikani, B (2014-01)
      canSAR ( is a public integrative cancer-focused knowledgebase for the support of cancer translational research and drug discovery. Through the integration of biological, pharmacological, chemical, ...
    • SiGNet: A signaling network data simulator to enable signaling network inference. 

      Coker, EA; Mitsopoulos, C; Workman, P; Al-Lazikani, B (2017-01)
      Network models are widely used to describe complex signaling systems. Cellular wiring varies in different cellular contexts and numerous inference techniques have been developed to infer the structure of a network from ...