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    • Combination therapy with oncolytic viruses and immune checkpoint inhibitors. 

      Chiu, M; Armstrong, EJL; Jennings, V; Foo, S; Crespo-Rodriguez, E; Bozhanova, G; Patin, EC; McLaughlin, M; Mansfield, D; Baker, G; Grove, L; Pedersen, M; Kyula, J; Roulstone, V; Wilkins, A; McDonald, F; Harrington, K; Melcher, A (2020-06)
      <b>Introduction</b>: Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) have dramatically improved the outcome for cancer patients across multiple tumor types. However the response rates to ICI monotherapy remain relatively low, in part ...
    • The effects of oncolytic Maraba virus (MG1) in advanced non-small cell lung cancer 

      Chiu, M (2021-08-31)
      Lung cancer is responsible for the highest cancer mortality worldwide. The prognosis for patients with advanced disease remains poor with five-year overall survival of <10%, highlighting the urgent unmet need for novel ...