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    • On the evolutionary origin of the chaperonins 

      Dekker, C; Willison, KR; Taylor, WR (WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2011-04)
      An analysis of the apical domain of the Group-I and Group-II chaperonins shows that they have structural similarities to two different protein folds: a “swivel-domain” phosphotransferase and a thioredoxin-like peroxiredoxin. ...
    • On the role of the chaperonin CCT in the just-in-time assembly process of APC/C-Cdc20 

      Dekker, C (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2010-02-05)
      The just-in-time hypothesis relates to the assembly of large multi-protein complexes and their regulation of activation in the cell. Here I postulate that chaperonins may contribute to the timely assembly and activation ...
    • The interaction network of the chaperonin CCT 

      Dekker, C; Stirling, PC; McCormack, EA; Filmore, H; Paul, A; Brost, RL; Costanzo, M; Boone, C; Leroux, MR; Willison, KR (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2008-07-09)
      The eukaryotic cytosolic chaperonin containing TCP-1 (CCT) has an important function in maintaining cellular homoeostasis by assisting the folding of many proteins, including the cytoskeletal components actin and tubulin. ...