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    • From fixed activities to personalized treatments in radionuclide therapy: lost in translation? 

      Flux, GD; Sjogreen Gleisner, K; Chiesa, C; Lassmann, M; Chouin, N; Gear, J; Bardiès, M; Walrand, S; Bacher, K; Eberlein, U; Ljungberg, M; Strigari, L; Visser, E; Konijnenberg, MW (2018-01)
    • From integrative genomics to therapeutic targets. 

      Natrajan, R; Wilkerson, P (2013-06-05)
      Combinatorial approaches that integrate conventional pathology with genomic profiling and functional genomics have begun to enhance our understanding of the genetic basis of breast cancer. These methods have identified key ...
    • Fulvestrant Monotherapy in Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC): a Single Centre Experience 

      Okonji, D; Redana, S; Iyer, R; Mohammed, K; Ring, A; Johnston, S (2017-06)
    • Functional and quality of life outcomes following obstetric anal sphincter injury (OASI): does the grade of injury affect outcomes? 

      Ramage, L; Yen, C; Qiu, S; Simillis, C; Kontovounisios, C; Tekkis, P; Tan, E (Springer Nature, 2017-11)
    • Functional characterization of E- and P-cadherin in invasive breast cancer cells 

      Sarrio, D; Palacios, J; Hergueta-Redondo, M; Gomez-Lopez, G; Cano, A; Moreno-Bueno, G (BIOMED CENTRAL LTD, 2009-03-03)
      Background: Alterations in the cadherin-catenin adhesion complexes are involved in tumor initiation, progression and metastasis. However, the functional implication of distinct cadherin types in breast cancer biology is ...
    • Functional coupling of transcription and splicing 

      Sanchez Alvarez, Miguel (2012-06)
      The tightly regulated process of precursor messenger RNA (pre-mRNA) alternative splicing is a key mechanism to increase the number and complexity of proteins encoded by the genome. Evidence gathered in recent years has ...
    • Functional Data Analysis Applied to Modeling of Severe Acute Mucositis and Dysphagia Resulting From Head and Neck Radiation Therapy. 

      Dean, JA; Wong, KH; Gay, H; Welsh, LC; Jones, A-B; Schick, U; Oh, JH; Apte, A; Newbold, KL; Bhide, SA; Harrington, KJ; Deasy, JO; Nutting, CM; Gulliford, SL (2016-11-15)
      PURPOSE: Current normal tissue complication probability modeling using logistic regression suffers from bias and high uncertainty in the presence of highly correlated radiation therapy (RT) dose data. This hinders robust ...
    • Functional imaging and circulating biomarkers of response to regorafenib in treatment-refractory metastatic colorectal cancer patients in a prospective phase II study. 

      Khan, K; Rata, M; Cunningham, D; Koh, D-M; Tunariu, N; Hahne, JC; Vlachogiannis, G; Hedayat, S; Marchetti, S; Lampis, A; Damavandi, MD; Lote, H; Rana, I; Williams, A; Eccles, SA; Fontana, E; Collins, D; Eltahir, Z; Rao, S; Watkins, D; Starling, N; Thomas, J; Kalaitzaki, E; Fotiadis, N; Begum, R; Bali, M; Rugge, M; Temple, E; Fassan, M; Chau, I; Braconi, C; Valeri, N (2018-08)
      OBJECTIVE: Regorafenib demonstrated efficacy in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC). Lack of predictive biomarkers, potential toxicities and cost-effectiveness concerns highlight the unmet need for better ...
    • The functional importance of structure in unstructured protein regions. 

      Davey, NE (2019-06)
      After two decades of research, intrinsically disordered regions (IDRs) are established as a widespread phenomenon. The growing understanding of the significant functional role of IDRs has challenged the structure-function ...
    • Functional mechanisms underlying pleiotropic risk alleles at the 19p13.1 breast-ovarian cancer susceptibility locus. 

      Lawrenson, K; Kar, S; McCue, K; Kuchenbaeker, K; Michailidou, K; Tyrer, J; Beesley, J; Ramus, SJ; Li, Q; Delgado, MK; Lee, JM; Aittomäki, K; Andrulis, IL; Anton-Culver, H; Arndt, V; Arun, BK; Arver, B; Bandera, EV; Barile, M; Barkardottir, RB; Barrowdale, D; Beckmann, MW; Benitez, J; Berchuck, A; Bisogna, M; Bjorge, L; Blomqvist, C; Blot, W; Bogdanova, N; Bojesen, A; Bojesen, SE; Bolla, MK; Bonanni, B; Børresen-Dale, AL; Brauch, H; Brennan, P; Brenner, H; Bruinsma, F; Brunet, J; Buhari, SA; Burwinkel, B; Butzow, R; Buys, SS; Cai, Q; Caldes, T; Campbell, I; Canniotto, R; Chang-Claude, J; Chiquette, J; Choi, JY; Claes, KB; Cook, LS; Cox, A; Cramer, DW; Cross, SS; Cybulski, C; Czene, K; Daly, MB; Damiola, F; Dansonka-Mieszkowska, A; Darabi, H; Dennis, J; Devilee, P; Diez, O; Doherty, JA; Domchek, SM; Dorfling, CM; Dörk, T; Dumont, M; Ehrencrona, H; Ejlertsen, B; Ellis, S; Engel, C; Lee, E; Evans, DG; Fasching, PA; Feliubadalo, L; Figueroa, J; Flesch-Janys, D; Fletcher, O; Flyger, H; Foretova, L; Fostira, F; Foulkes, WD; Fridley, BL; Friedman, E; Frost, D; Gambino, G; Ganz, PA; Garber, J; García-Closas, M; Gentry-Maharaj, A; Ghoussaini, M; Giles, GG; Glasspool, R; Godwin, AK; Goldberg, MS; Goldgar, DE; González-Neira, A; Goode, EL; Goodman, MT; Greene, MH; Gronwald, J; Guénel, P; Haiman, CA; Hall, P; Hallberg, E; Hamann, U; Hansen, TV; Harrington, PA; Hartman, M; Hassan, N; Healey, S; Heitz, F; Herzog, J; Høgdall, E; Høgdall, CK; Hogervorst, FB; Hollestelle, A; Hopper, JL; Hulick, PJ; Huzarski, T; Imyanitov, EN; Isaacs, C; Ito, H; Jakubowska, A; Janavicius, R; Jensen, A; John, EM; Johnson, N; Kabisch, M; Kang, D; Kapuscinski, M; Karlan, BY; Khan, S; Kiemeney, LA; Kjaer, SK; Knight, JA; Konstantopoulou, I; Kosma, VM; Kristensen, V; Kupryjanczyk, J; Kwong, A; de la Hoya, M; Laitman, Y; Lambrechts, D; Le, N; De Leeneer, K; Lester, J; Levine, DA; Li, J; Lindblom, A; Long, J; Lophatananon, A; Loud, JT; Lu, K; Lubinski, J; Mannermaa, A; Manoukian, S; Le Marchand, L; Margolin, S; Marme, F; Massuger, LF; Matsuo, K; Mazoyer, S; McGuffog, L; McLean, C; McNeish, I; Meindl, A; Menon, U; Mensenkamp, AR; Milne, RL; Montagna, M; Moysich, KB; Muir, K; Mulligan, AM; Nathanson, KL; Ness, RB; Neuhausen, SL; Nevanlinna, H; Nord, S; Nussbaum, RL; Odunsi, K; Offit, K; Olah, E; Olopade, OI; Olson, JE; Olswold, C; O'Malley, D; Orlow, I; Orr, N; Osorio, A; Park, SK; Pearce, CL; Pejovic, T; Peterlongo, P; Pfeiler, G; Phelan, CM; Poole, EM; Pylkäs, K; Radice, P; Rantala, J; Rashid, MU; Rennert, G; Rhenius, V; Rhiem, K; Risch, HA; Rodriguez, G; Rossing, MA; Rudolph, A; Salvesen, HB; Sangrajrang, S; Sawyer, EJ; Schildkraut, JM; Schmidt, MK; Schmutzler, RK; Sellers, TA; Seynaeve, C; Shah, M; Shen, CY; Shu, XO; Sieh, W; Singer, CF; Sinilnikova, OM; Slager, S; Song, H; Soucy, P; Southey, MC; Stenmark-Askmalm, M; Stoppa-Lyonnet, D; Sutter, C; Swerdlow, A; Tchatchou, S; Teixeira, MR; Teo, SH; Terry, KL; Terry, MB; Thomassen, M; Tibiletti, MG; Tihomirova, L; Tognazzo, S; Toland, AE; Tomlinson, I; Torres, D; Truong, T; Tseng, CC; Tung, N; Tworoger, SS; Vachon, C; van den Ouweland, AM; van Doorn, HC; van Rensburg, EJ; Van't Veer, LJ; Vanderstichele, A; Vergote, I; Vijai, J; Wang, Q; Wang-Gohrke, S; Weitzel, JN; Wentzensen, N; Whittemore, AS; Wildiers, H; Winqvist, R; Wu, AH; Yannoukakos, D; Yoon, SY; Yu, JC; Zheng, W; Zheng, Y; Khanna, KK; Simard, J; Monteiro, AN; French, JD; Couch, FJ; Freedman, ML; Easton, DF; Dunning, AM; Pharoah, PD; Edwards, SL; Chenevix-Trench, G; Antoniou, AC; Gayther, SA (2016-01)
      A locus at 19p13 is associated with breast cancer (BC) and ovarian cancer (OC) risk. Here we analyse 438 SNPs in this region in 46,451 BC and 15,438 OC cases, 15,252 BRCA1 mutation carriers and 73,444 controls and identify ...
    • Functional phosphorylation sites in the C-terminal region of the multivalent multifunctional transcriptional factor CTCF 

      Klenova, EM; Chernukhin, IV; El-Kady, A; Lee, RE; Pugacheva, EM; Loukinov, DI; Goodwin, GH; Delgado, D; Filippova, GN; Leon, J; Morse, HC; Neiman, PE; Lobanenkov, VV (2001-03)
      CTCF is a widely expressed and highly conserved multi-Zn-finger (ZF) nuclear factor. Binding to various CTCF target sites (CTSs) is mediated by combinatorial contributions of different ZFs. Different CTSs mediate distinct ...
    • Functional tat transport of unstructured, small, hydrophilic proteins 

      Richter, S; Lindenstrauss, U; Luecke, C; Bayliss, R; Brueser, T (AMER SOC BIOCHEMISTRY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY INC, 2007-11-16)
      The twin-arginine translocation ( Tat) system is a protein translocation system that is adapted to the translocation of folded proteins across biological membranes. An understanding of the folding requirements for Tat ...
    • Functional variants in DCAF4 associated with lung cancer risk in European populations. 

      Liu, H; Liu, Z; Wang, Y; Stinchcombe, TE; Owzar, K; Han, Y; Hung, RJ; Brhane, Y; McLaughlin, J; Brennan, P; Bickeböller, H; Rosenberger, A; Houlston, RS; Caporaso, N; Landi, MT; Brüske, I; Risch, A; Wu, X; Ye, Y; Christiani, DC; Amos, CI; Wei, Q; Transdisciplinary Research in Cancer of the Lung (TRICL) Research Team (2017-05-01)
      Cullin-RING ubiquitin ligases (CRLs) responsible for substrate specificity of ubiquitination play a key role in cell-cycle control and DNA damage response. In this study, we assessed associations between 16 599 SNPs in 115 ...
    • Functional versus non-functional intratumor heterogeneity in cancer. 

      Williams, MJ; Werner, B; Graham, TA; Sottoriva, A (2016-07)
      Next-generation sequencing data from human cancers are often difficult to interpret within the context of tumor evolution. We developed a mathematical model describing the accumulation of mutations under neutral evolutionary ...
    • Further characterization of changes in axial strain elastograms due to the presence of slippery tumor boundaries. 

      Uff, C; Garcia, L; Fromageau, J; Chakraborty, A; Dorward, N; Bamber, J (2018-04)
      Elastography measures tissue strain, which can be interpreted under certain simplifying assumptions to be representative of the underlying stiffness distribution. This is useful in cancer diagnosis where tumors tend to ...
    • A G-quadruplex-interactive potent small-molecule inhibitor of telomerase exhibiting in vitro and in vivo antitumor activity 

      Gowan, SM; Harrison, JR; Patterson, L; Valenti, M; Read, MA; Neidle, S; Kelland, LR (AMER SOC PHARMACOLOGY EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS, 2002-05)
      The telomerase complex is responsible for telomere maintenance and represents a promising cancer therapeutic target. We describe herein the antitelomerase and antitumor properties of a small-molecule compound designed by ...
    • G-quadruplexes as therapeutic targets 

      Neidle, S; Read, MA (WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2001)
      The ends of chromosomes (telomeres) consist of tandem repeats of guanine-rich sequences. In eukaryotics, telomeric DNA is single stranded for the final few hundred bases. These single-stranded sequences can fold into a ...
    • GABA immunoreactivity in the human cerebellar cortex: a light and electron microscopical study. 

      Benagiano, V; Roncali, L; Virgintino, D; Flace, P; Errede, M; Rizzi, A; Girolamo, F; Robertson, D; Bormann, J; Ambrosi, G (2001-09)
      The distribution of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in surgical samples of human cerebellar cortex was studied by light and electron microscope immunocytochemistry using a polyclonal antibody generated in rabbit against ...