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    • A multiple myeloma classification system that associates normal B-cell subset phenotypes with prognosis. 

      Bødker, JS; Brøndum, RF; Schmitz, A; Schönherz, AA; Jespersen, DS; Sønderkær, M; Vesteghem, C; Due, H; Nørgaard, CH; Perez-Andres, M; Samur, MK; Davies, F; Walker, B; Pawlyn, C; Kaiser, M; Johnson, D; Bertsch, U; Broyl, A; van Duin, M; Shah, R; Johansen, P; Nørgaard, MA; Samworth, RJ; Sonneveld, P; Goldschmidt, H; Morgan, GJ; Orfao, A; Munshi, N; Johnson, HE; El-Galaly, T; Dybkær, K; Bøgsted, M (2018-09)
      Despite the recent progress in treatment of multiple myeloma (MM), it is still an incurable malignant disease, and we are therefore in need of new risk stratification tools that can help us to understand the disease and ...