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    • Apremilast is a selective PDE4 inhibitor with regulatory effects on innate immunity. 

      Schafer, PH; Parton, A; Capone, L; Cedzik, D; Brady, H; Evans, JF; Man, H-W; Muller, GW; Stirling, DI; Chopra, R (2014-09)
      Apremilast, an oral small molecule inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4), is in development for chronic inflammatory disorders, and has shown efficacy in psoriasis, psoriatic arthropathies, and Behçet's syndrome. In March ...
    • Comprehensive translocation and clonality detection in lymphoproliferative disorders by next-generation sequencing. 

      Wren, D; Walker, BA; Brüggemann, M; Catherwood, MA; Pott, C; Stamatopoulos, K; Langerak, AW; Gonzalez, D; EuroClonality-NGS consortium (2017-02)
    • Deregulated expression of HDAC9 in B cells promotes development of lymphoproliferative disease and lymphoma in mice. 

      Gil, VS; Bhagat, G; Howell, L; Zhang, J; Kim, CH; Stengel, S; Vega, F; Zelent, A; Petrie, K (2016-12)
      Histone deacetylase 9 (HDAC9) is expressed in B cells, and its overexpression has been observed in B-lymphoproliferative disorders, including B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (B-NHL). We examined HDAC9 protein expression and ...
    • Genetic Predisposition to Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Is Mediated by a BMF Super-Enhancer Polymorphism. 

      Kandaswamy, R; Sava, GP; Speedy, HE; Beà, S; Martín-Subero, JI; Studd, JB; Migliorini, G; Law, PJ; Puente, XS; Martín-García, D; Salaverria, I; Gutiérrez-Abril, J; López-Otín, C; Catovsky, D; Allan, JM; Campo, E; Houlston, RS (2016-08-11)
      Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is an adult B cell malignancy. Genome-wide association studies show that variation at 15q15.1 influences CLL risk. We deciphered the causal variant at 15q15.1 and the mechanism by which ...
    • Genome-wide association analysis implicates dysregulation of immunity genes in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. 

      Law, PJ; Berndt, SI; Speedy, HE; Camp, NJ; Sava, GP; Skibola, CF; Holroyd, A; Joseph, V; Sunter, NJ; Nieters, A; Bea, S; Monnereau, A; Martin-Garcia, D; Goldin, LR; Clot, G; Teras, LR; Quintela, I; Birmann, BM; Jayne, S; Cozen, W; Majid, A; Smedby, KE; Lan, Q; Dearden, C; Brooks-Wilson, AR; Hall, AG; Purdue, MP; Mainou-Fowler, T; Vajdic, CM; Jackson, GH; Cocco, P; Marr, H; Zhang, Y; Zheng, T; Giles, GG; Lawrence, C; Call, TG; Liebow, M; Melbye, M; Glimelius, B; Mansouri, L; Glenn, M; Curtin, K; Diver, WR; Link, BK; Conde, L; Bracci, PM; Holly, EA; Jackson, RD; Tinker, LF; Benavente, Y; Boffetta, P; Brennan, P; Maynadie, M; McKay, J; Albanes, D; Weinstein, S; Wang, Z; Caporaso, NE; Morton, LM; Severson, RK; Riboli, E; Vineis, P; Vermeulen, RCH; Southey, MC; Milne, RL; Clavel, J; Topka, S; Spinelli, JJ; Kraft, P; Ennas, MG; Summerfield, G; Ferri, GM; Harris, RJ; Miligi, L; Pettitt, AR; North, KE; Allsup, DJ; Fraumeni, JF; Bailey, JR; Offit, K; Pratt, G; Hjalgrim, H; Pepper, C; Chanock, SJ; Fegan, C; Rosenquist, R; de Sanjose, S; Carracedo, A; Dyer, MJS; Catovsky, D; Campo, E; Cerhan, JR; Allan, JM; Rothman, N; Houlston, R; Slager, S (2017-02-06)
      Several chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) susceptibility loci have been reported; however, much of the heritable risk remains unidentified. Here we perform a meta-analysis of six genome-wide association studies, imputed ...
    • Insight into genetic predisposition to chronic lymphocytic leukemia from integrative epigenomics. 

      Speedy, HE; Beekman, R; Chapaprieta, V; Orlando, G; Law, PJ; Martín-García, D; Gutiérrez-Abril, J; Catovsky, D; Beà, S; Clot, G; Puiggròs, M; Torrents, D; Puente, XS; Allan, JM; López-Otín, C; Campo, E; Houlston, RS; Martín-Subero, JI (2019-08-09)
      Genome-wide association studies have provided evidence for inherited genetic predisposition to chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). To gain insight into the mechanisms underlying CLL risk we analyze chromatin accessibility, ...
    • T cell-rich lymphoid infiltrates with large B cells: a review of key entities and diagnostic approach. 

      Cheng, CL; O'Connor, S (2017-03)
      Accurate diagnostic interpretation of a lymphoid population composed predominantly of small T cells, together with smaller numbers of large B cells, with or without a nodular architecture, is a common problem faced by the ...
    • The Spectrum and Clinical Impact of Epigenetic Modifier Mutations in Myeloma. 

      Pawlyn, C; Kaiser, MF; Heuck, C; Melchor, L; Wardell, CP; Murison, A; Chavan, SS; Johnson, DC; Begum, DB; Dahir, NM; Proszek, PZ; Cairns, DA; Boyle, EM; Jones, JR; Cook, G; Drayson, MT; Owen, RG; Gregory, WM; Jackson, GH; Barlogie, B; Davies, FE; Walker, BA; Morgan, GJ (2016-12)
      Purpose Epigenetic dysregulation is known to be an important contributor to myeloma pathogenesis but, unlike other B-cell malignancies, the full spectrum of somatic mutations in epigenetic modifiers has not been reported ...