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    • Characterisation of the immune-related transcriptome in resected biliary tract cancers. 

      Ghidini, M; Cascione, L; Carotenuto, P; Lampis, A; Trevisani, F; Previdi, MC; Hahne, JC; Said-Huntingford, I; Raj, M; Zerbi, A; Mescoli, C; Cillo, U; Rugge, M; Roncalli, M; Torzilli, G; Rimassa, L; Santoro, A; Valeri, N; Fassan, M; Braconi, C (2017-11)
      Although biliary tract cancers (BTCs) are known to have an inflammatory component, a detailed characterisation of immune-related transcripts has never been performed. In these studies, nCounter PanCancer Immune Profiling ...