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    • Classifying the evolutionary and ecological features of neoplasms. 

      Maley, CC; Aktipis, A; Graham, TA; Sottoriva, A; Boddy, AM; Janiszewska, M; Silva, AS; Gerlinger, M; Yuan, Y; Pienta, KJ; Anderson, KS; Gatenby, R; Swanton, C; Posada, D; Wu, C-I; Schiffman, JD; Hwang, ES; Polyak, K; Anderson, ARA; Brown, JS; Greaves, M; Shibata, D (2017-10)
      Neoplasms change over time through a process of cell-level evolution, driven by genetic and epigenetic alterations. However, the ecology of the microenvironment of a neoplastic cell determines which changes provide adaptive ...