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    • PLK1 Activation in Late G2 Sets Up Commitment to Mitosis. 

      Gheghiani, L; Loew, D; Lombard, B; Mansfeld, J; Gavet, O (2017-06)
      Commitment to mitosis must be tightly coordinated with DNA replication to preserve genome integrity. While we have previously established that the timely activation of CyclinB1-Cdk1 in late G2 triggers mitotic entry, the ...
    • Repression of Transcription at DNA Breaks Requires Cohesin throughout Interphase and Prevents Genome Instability. 

      Meisenberg, C; Pinder, SI; Hopkins, SR; Wooller, SK; Benstead-Hume, G; Pearl, FMG; Jeggo, PA; Downs, JA (2019-01)
      Cohesin subunits are frequently mutated in cancer, but how they function as tumor suppressors is unknown. Cohesin mediates sister chromatid cohesion, but this is not always perturbed in cancer cells. Here, we identify a ...
    • Targeting TRIM37-driven centrosome dysfunction in 17q23-amplified breast cancer. 

      Yeow, ZY; Lambrus, BG; Marlow, R; Zhan, KH; Durin, M-A; Evans, LT; Scott, PM; Phan, T; Park, E; Ruiz, LA; Moralli, D; Knight, EG; Badder, LM; Novo, D; Haider, S; Green, CM; Tutt, ANJ; Lord, CJ; Chapman, JR; Holland, AJ (2020-09-09)
      Genomic instability is a hallmark of cancer, and has a central role in the initiation and development of breast cancer<sup>1,2</sup>. The success of poly-ADP ribose polymerase inhibitors in the treatment of breast cancers ...