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    • Recommendations for head and neck surgical oncology practice in a setting of acute severe resource constraint during the COVID-19 pandemic: an international consensus. 

      Mehanna, H; Hardman, JC; Shenson, JA; Abou-Foul, AK; Topf, MC; AlFalasi, M; Chan, JYK; Chaturvedi, P; Chow, VLY; Dietz, A; Fagan, JJ; Godballe, C; Golusiński, W; Homma, A; Hosal, S; Iyer, NG; Kerawala, C; Koh, YW; Konney, A; Kowalski, LP; Kraus, D; Kuriakose, MA; Kyrodimos, E; Lai, SY; Leemans, CR; Lennon, P; Licitra, L; Lou, P-J; Lyons, B; Mirghani, H; Nichols, AC; Paleri, V; Panizza, BJ; Parente Arias, P; Patel, MR; Piazza, C; Rischin, D; Sanabria, A; Takes, RP; Thomson, DJ; Uppaluri, R; Wang, Y; Yom, SS; Zhu, Y-M; Porceddu, SV; de Almeida, JR; Simon, C; Holsinger, FC
      The speed and scale of the global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented pressures on health services worldwide, requiring new methods of service delivery during the health crisis. In the setting of severe resource ...