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    • Genomic Evolution of Breast Cancer Metastasis and Relapse. 

      Yates, LR; Knappskog, S; Wedge, D; Farmery, JHR; Gonzalez, S; Martincorena, I; Alexandrov, LB; Van Loo, P; Haugland, HK; Lilleng, PK; Gundem, G; Gerstung, M; Pappaemmanuil, E; Gazinska, P; Bhosle, SG; Jones, D; Raine, K; Mudie, L; Latimer, C; Sawyer, E; Desmedt, C; Sotiriou, C; Stratton, MR; Sieuwerts, AM; Lynch, AG; Martens, JW; Richardson, AL; Tutt, A; Lønning, PE; Campbell, PJ (2017-08)
      Patterns of genomic evolution between primary and metastatic breast cancer have not been studied in large numbers, despite patients with metastatic breast cancer having dismal survival. We sequenced whole genomes or a panel ...
    • Synthetic Lethal Screen Demonstrates That a JAK2 Inhibitor Suppresses a BCL6-dependent IL10RA/JAK2/STAT3 Pathway in High Grade B-cell Lymphoma. 

      Beck, D; Zobel, J; Barber, R; Evans, S; Lezina, L; Allchin, RL; Blades, M; Elliott, R; Lord, CJ; Ashworth, A; Porter, ACG; Wagner, SD (2016-08)
      We demonstrate the usefulness of synthetic lethal screening of a conditionally BCL6-deficient Burkitt lymphoma cell line, DG75-AB7, with a library of small molecules to determine survival pathways suppressed by BCL6 and ...