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    • Genomic evolution and chemoresistance in germ-cell tumours. 

      Taylor-Weiner, A; Zack, T; O'Donnell, E; Guerriero, JL; Bernard, B; Reddy, A; Han, GC; AlDubayan, S; Amin-Mansour, A; Schumacher, SE; Litchfield, K; Turnbull, C; Gabriel, S; Beroukhim, R; Getz, G; Carter, SL; Hirsch, MS; Letai, A; Sweeney, C; Van Allen, EM (2016-11)
      Germ-cell tumours (GCTs) are derived from germ cells and occur most frequently in the testes. GCTs are histologically heterogeneous and distinctly curable with chemotherapy. Gains of chromosome arm 12p and aneuploidy are ...
    • The BAF and PRC2 Complex Subunits Dpf2 and Eed Antagonistically Converge on Tbx3 to Control ESC Differentiation. 

      Zhang, W; Chronis, C; Chen, X; Zhang, H; Spalinskas, R; Pardo, M; Chen, L; Wu, G; Zhu, Z; Yu, Y; Yu, L; Choudhary, J; Nichols, J; Parast, MM; Greber, B; Sahlén, P; Plath, K (2019-01)
      BAF complexes are composed of different subunits with varying functional and developmental roles, although many subunits have not been examined in depth. Here we show that the Baf45 subunit Dpf2 maintains pluripotency and ...