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    • Characterizing genetic variants for clinical action. 

      Ramos, EM; Din-Lovinescu, C; Berg, JS; Brooks, LD; Duncanson, A; Dunn, M; Good, P; Hubbard, TJP; Jarvik, GP; O'Donnell, C; Sherry, ST; Aronson, N; Biesecker, LG; Blumberg, B; Calonge, N; Colhoun, HM; Epstein, RS; Flicek, P; Gordon, ES; Green, ED; Green, RC; Hurles, M; Kawamoto, K; Knaus, W; Ledbetter, DH; Levy, HP; Lyon, E; Maglott, D; McLeod, HL; Rahman, N; Randhawa, G; Wicklund, C; Manolio, TA; Chisholm, RL; Williams, MS (2014-03-13)
      Genome-wide association studies, DNA sequencing studies, and other genomic studies are finding an increasing number of genetic variants associated with clinical phenotypes that may be useful in developing diagnostic, ...