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    • Genetic Variants in Epigenetic Pathways and Risks of Multiple Cancers in the GAME-ON Consortium. 

      Toth, R; Scherer, D; Kelemen, LE; Risch, A; Hazra, A; Balavarca, Y; Issa, J-PJ; Moreno, V; Eeles, RA; Ogino, S; Wu, X; Ye, Y; Hung, RJ; Goode, EL; Ulrich, CM; OCAC, CORECT, TRICL, ELLIPSE, DRIVE, and GAME-ON consortia (2017-06)
      <b>Background:</b> Epigenetic disturbances are crucial in cancer initiation, potentially with pleiotropic effects, and may be influenced by the genetic background.<b>Methods:</b> In a subsets (ASSET) meta-analytic approach, ...