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    • Quantifying the Genetic Correlation between Multiple Cancer Types. 

      Lindström, S; Finucane, H; Bulik-Sullivan, B; Schumacher, FR; Amos, CI; Hung, RJ; Rand, K; Gruber, SB; Conti, D; Permuth, JB; Lin, H-Y; Goode, EL; Sellers, TA; Amundadottir, LT; Stolzenberg-Solomon, R; Klein, A; Petersen, G; Risch, H; Wolpin, B; Hsu, L; Huyghe, JR; Chang-Claude, J; Chan, A; Berndt, S; Eeles, R; Easton, D; Haiman, CA; Hunter, DJ; Neale, B; Price, AL; Kraft, P; PanScan, GECCO and the GAME-ON Network: CORECT, DRIVE, ELLIPSE, FOCI, and TRICL-ILCCO (2017-09)
      <b>Background:</b> Many cancers share specific genetic risk factors, including both rare high-penetrance mutations and common SNPs identified through genome-wide association studies (GWAS). However, little is known about ...