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    • In-depth Clinical and Biological Exploration of DNA Damage Immune Response as a Biomarker for Oxaliplatin Use in Colorectal Cancer. 

      Malla, SB; Fisher, DJ; Domingo, E; Blake, A; Hassanieh, S; Redmond, KL; Richman, SD; Youdell, M; Walker, SM; Logan, GE; Chatzipli, A; Amirkhah, R; Humphries, MP; Craig, SG; McDermott, U; Seymour, MT; Morton, DG; Quirke, P; West, NP; Salto-Tellez, M; Kennedy, RD; Johnston, PG; Tomlinson, I; Koelzer, VH; Campo, L; Kaplan, RS; Longley, DB; Lawler, M; Maughan, TS; Brown, LC; Dunne, PD; S:CORT consortium (2021-01)
      Purpose The DNA damage immune response (DDIR) assay was developed in breast cancer based on biology associated with deficiencies in homologous recombination and Fanconi anemia pathways. A positive DDIR call identifies ...