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    • Myosin and Actin Filaments in Muscle: Structures and Interactions. 

      Squire, JM; Paul, DM; Morris, EP (2017-01)
      In the last decade, improvements in electron microscopy and image processing have permitted significantly higher resolutions to be achieved (sometimes <1 nm) when studying isolated actin and myosin filaments. In the case ...
    • Structure of human RNA polymerase III. 

      Ramsay, EP; Abascal-Palacios, G; Daiß, JL; King, H; Gouge, J; Pilsl, M; Beuron, F; Morris, E; Gunkel, P; Engel, C; Vannini, A (2020-12-17)
      In eukaryotes, RNA Polymerase (Pol) III is specialized for the transcription of tRNAs and other short, untranslated RNAs. Pol III is a determinant of cellular growth and lifespan across eukaryotes. Upregulation of Pol III ...