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    • Common susceptibility loci for male breast cancer. 

      Maguire, S; Perraki, E; Tomczyk, K; Jones, ME; Fletcher, O; Pugh, M; Winter, T; Thompson, K; Cooke, R; kConFab Consortium; Trainer, A; James, P; Bojesen, S; Flyger, H; Nevanlinna, H; Mattson, J; Friedman, E; Laitman, Y; Palli, D; Masala, G; Zanna, I; Ottini, L; Silvestri, V; Hollestelle, A; Hooning, MJ; Novaković, S; Krajc, M; Gago-Dominguez, M; Castelao, JE; Olsson, H; Hedenfalk, I; Saloustros, E; Georgoulias, V; Easton, DF; Pharoah, P; Dunning, AM; Bishop, DT; Neuhausen, SL; Steele, L; Ashworth, A; Closas, MG; Houlston, R; Swerdlow, A; Orr, N (2020-08-12)
      BACKGROUND:The aetiology of male breast cancer (MBC) is poorly understood. In particular, the extent to which the genetic basis of MBC differs from female breast cancer (FBC) is unknown. A previous genome-wide association ...