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    • Carbon dating cancer: defining the chronology of metastatic progression in colorectal cancer. 

      Lote, H; Spiteri, I; Ermini, L; Vatsiou, A; Roy, A; McDonald, A; Maka, N; Balsitis, M; Bose, N; Simbolo, M; Mafficini, A; Lampis, A; Hahne, JC; Trevisani, F; Eltahir, Z; Mentrasti, G; Findlay, C; Kalkman, EAJ; Punta, M; Werner, B; Lise, S; Aktipis, A; Maley, C; Greaves, M; Braconi, C; White, J; Fassan, M; Scarpa, A; Sottoriva, A; Valeri, N
      Background: Patients often ask oncologists how long a cancer has been present before causing symptoms or spreading to other organs. The evolutionary trajectory of cancers can be defined using phylogenetic approaches but ...