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    • Acetylation increases access of remodelling complexes to their nucleosome targets to enhance initiation of V(D)J recombination. 

      Nightingale, KP; Baumann, M; Eberharter, A; Mamais, A; Becker, PB; Boyes, J (2007)
      Targeted chromatin remodelling is essential for many nuclear processes, including the regulation of V(D)J recombination. ATP-dependent nucleosome remodelling complexes are important players in this process whose activity ...
    • Atlas of prostate cancer heritability in European and African-American men pinpoints tissue-specific regulation. 

      Gusev, A; Shi, H; Kichaev, G; Pomerantz, M; Li, F; Long, HW; Ingles, SA; Kittles, RA; Strom, SS; Rybicki, BA; Nemesure, B; Isaacs, WB; Zheng, W; Pettaway, CA; Yeboah, ED; Tettey, Y; Biritwum, RB; Adjei, AA; Tay, E; Truelove, A; Niwa, S; Chokkalingam, AP; John, EM; Murphy, AB; Signorello, LB; Carpten, J; Leske, MC; Wu, SY; Hennis, AJ; Neslund-Dudas, C; Hsing, AW; Chu, L; Goodman, PJ; Klein, EA; Witte, JS; Casey, G; Kaggwa, S; Cook, MB; Stram, DO; Blot, WJ; Eeles, RA; Easton, D; Kote-Jarai, Z; Al Olama, AA; Benlloch, S; Muir, K; Giles, GG; Southey, MC; Fitzgerald, LM; Gronberg, H; Wiklund, F; Aly, M; Henderson, BE; Schleutker, J; Wahlfors, T; Tammela, TL; Nordestgaard, BG; Key, TJ; Travis, RC; Neal, DE; Donovan, JL; Hamdy, FC; Pharoah, P; Pashayan, N; Khaw, KT; Stanford, JL; Thibodeau, SN; McDonnell, SK; Schaid, DJ; Maier, C; Vogel, W; Luedeke, M; Herkommer, K; Kibel, AS; Cybulski, C; Wokolorczyk, D; Kluzniak, W; Cannon-Albright, L; Teerlink, C; Brenner, H; Dieffenbach, AK; Arndt, V; Park, JY; Sellers, TA; Lin, HY; Slavov, C; Kaneva, R; Mitev, V; Batra, J; Spurdle, A; Clements, JA; Teixeira, MR; Pandha, H; Michael, A; Paulo, P; Maia, S; Kierzek, A; Conti, DV; Albanes, D; Berg, C; Berndt, SI; Campa, D; Crawford, ED; Diver, WR; Gapstur, SM; Gaziano, JM; Giovannucci, E; Hoover, R; Hunter, DJ; Johansson, M; Kraft, P; Le Marchand, L; Lindström, S; Navarro, C; Overvad, K; Riboli, E; Siddiq, A; Stevens, VL; Trichopoulos, D; Vineis, P; Yeager, M; Trynka, G; Raychaudhuri, S; Schumacher, FR; Price, AL; Freedman, ML; Haiman, CA; Pasaniuc, B (2016-01)
      Although genome-wide association studies have identified over 100 risk loci that explain ∼33% of familial risk for prostate cancer (PrCa), their functional effects on risk remain largely unknown. Here we use genotype data ...
    • Deregulated expression of HDAC9 in B cells promotes development of lymphoproliferative disease and lymphoma in mice. 

      Gil, VS; Bhagat, G; Howell, L; Zhang, J; Kim, CH; Stengel, S; Vega, F; Zelent, A; Petrie, K (2016-12-01)
      Histone deacetylase 9 (HDAC9) is expressed in B cells, and its overexpression has been observed in B-lymphoproliferative disorders, including B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (B-NHL). We examined HDAC9 protein expression and ...