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    • Cyclin B1 is essential for mitosis in mouse embryos, and its nuclear export sets the time for mitosis. 

      Strauss, B; Harrison, A; Coelho, PA; Yata, K; Zernicka-Goetz, M; Pines, J (2018-01-02)
      There is remarkable redundancy between the Cyclin-Cdk complexes that comprise the cell cycle machinery. None of the mammalian A-, D-, or E-type cyclins are required in development until implantation, and only Cdk1 is ...
    • Delayed APC/C activation extends the first mitosis of mouse embryos. 

      Ajduk, A; Strauss, B; Pines, J; Zernicka-Goetz, M (2017-08-29)
      The correct temporal regulation of mitosis underpins genomic stability because it ensures the alignment of chromosomes on the mitotic spindle that is required for their proper segregation to the two daughter cells. Crucially, ...
    • Somatic mutations reveal asymmetric cellular dynamics in the early human embryo. 

      Ju, YS; Martincorena, I; Gerstung, M; Petljak, M; Alexandrov, LB; Rahbari, R; Wedge, DC; Davies, HR; Ramakrishna, M; Fullam, A; Martin, S; Alder, C; Patel, N; Gamble, S; O'Meara, S; Giri, DD; Sauer, T; Pinder, SE; Purdie, CA; Borg, Å; Stunnenberg, H; van de Vijver, M; Tan, BKT; Caldas, C; Tutt, A; Ueno, NT; van 't Veer, LJ; Martens, JWM; Sotiriou, C; Knappskog, S; Span, PN; Lakhani, SR; Eyfjörd, JE; Børresen-Dale, A-L; Richardson, A; Thompson, AM; Viari, A; Hurles, ME; Nik-Zainal, S; Campbell, PJ; Stratton, MR (2017-03-30)
      Somatic cells acquire mutations throughout the course of an individual's life. Mutations occurring early in embryogenesis are often present in a substantial proportion of, but not all, cells in postnatal humans and thus ...