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    • Dickkopf-3 links HSF1 and YAP/TAZ signalling to control aggressive behaviours in cancer-associated fibroblasts. 

      Ferrari, N; Ranftl, R; Chicherova, I; Slaven, ND; Moeendarbary, E; Farrugia, AJ; Lam, M; Semiannikova, M; Westergaard, MCW; Tchou, J; Magnani, L; Calvo, F (2019-01-10)
      Aggressive behaviours of solid tumours are highly influenced by the tumour microenvironment. Multiple signalling pathways can affect the normal function of stromal fibroblasts in tumours, but how these events are coordinated ...
    • An emerging role for IQGAP1 in tight junction control. 

      Tanos, BE; Yeaman, C; Rodriguez-Boulan, E (2018-09)
      IQGAP1 is a scaffold protein involved in the assembly of adherens junctions. Our work has recently revealed a novel role for IQGAP1 in the regulation of tight junctions (TJ) through differential recruitment of claudins to ...