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    • Flexible Data Analysis Pipeline for High-Confidence Proteogenomics. 

      Weisser, H; Wright, JC; Mudge, JM; Gutenbrunner, P; Choudhary, JS (2016-12-02)
      Proteogenomics leverages information derived from proteomic data to improve genome annotations. Of particular interest are "novel" peptides that provide direct evidence of protein expression for genomic regions not previously ...
    • Use of a Novel Nonparametric Version of DEPTH to Identify Genomic Regions Associated with Prostate Cancer Risk. 

      MacInnis, RJ; Schmidt, DF; Makalic, E; Severi, G; FitzGerald, LM; Reumann, M; Kapuscinski, MK; Kowalczyk, A; Zhou, Z; Goudey, B; Qian, G; Bui, QM; Park, DJ; Freeman, A; Southey, MC; Al Olama, AA; Kote-Jarai, Z; Eeles, RA; Hopper, JL; Giles, GG; UK Genetic Prostate Cancer Study Collaborators (2016-12)
      BACKGROUND: We have developed a genome-wide association study analysis method called DEPTH (DEPendency of association on the number of Top Hits) to identify genomic regions potentially associated with disease by considering ...