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    • Crystal structure of the proximal BAH domain of the polybromo protein. 

      Oliver, AW; Jones, SA; Roe, SM; Matthews, S; Goodwin, GH; Pearl, LH (2005-08-01)
      The BAH domain (bromo-associated homology domain) was first identified from a repeated motif found in the nuclear protein polybromo--a large (187 kDa) modular protein comprising six bromodomains, two BAH domains and an HMG ...
    • MoKCa database--mutations of kinases in cancer. 

      Richardson, CJ; Gao, Q; Mitsopoulous, C; Zvelebil, M; Pearl, LH; Pearl, FM (2009-01)
      Members of the protein kinase family are amongst the most commonly mutated genes in human cancer, and both mutated and activated protein kinases have proved to be tractable targets for the development of new anticancer ...
    • PACE-1, a novel protein that interacts with the C-terminal domain of ezrin. 

      Sullivan, A; Uff, CR; Isacke, CM; Thorne, RF (2003-04)
      The ERM proteins (ezrin, radixin, moesin) together with merlin comprise a subgroup of the band 4.1 superfamily. These proteins act as membrane cytoskeletal linker proteins mediating interactions between the cytoplasmic ...