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    • Guideline for PET/CT imaging of neuroendocrine neoplasms with 68Ga-DOTA-conjugated somatostatin receptor targeting peptides and 18F-DOPA. 

      Bozkurt, MF; Virgolini, I; Balogova, S; Beheshti, M; Rubello, D; Decristoforo, C; Ambrosini, V; Kjaer, A; Delgado-Bolton, R; Kunikowska, J; Oyen, WJG; Chiti, A; Giammarile, F; Sundin, A; Fanti, S (2017-08)
      PURPOSE & METHODS: Neuroendocrine neoplasms are a heterogenous group of tumours, for which nuclear medicine plays an important role in the diagnostic work-up as well as in the targeted therapeutic options. This guideline ...
    • Identification of multiple risk loci and regulatory mechanisms influencing susceptibility to multiple myeloma. 

      Went, M; Sud, A; Försti, A; Halvarsson, B-M; Weinhold, N; Kimber, S; van Duin, M; Thorleifsson, G; Holroyd, A; Johnson, DC; Li, N; Orlando, G; Law, PJ; Ali, M; Chen, B; Mitchell, JS; Gudbjartsson, DF; Kuiper, R; Stephens, OW; Bertsch, U; Broderick, P; Campo, C; Bandapalli, OR; Einsele, H; Gregory, WA; Gullberg, U; Hillengass, J; Hoffmann, P; Jackson, GH; Jöckel, K-H; Johnsson, E; Kristinsson, SY; Mellqvist, U-H; Nahi, H; Easton, D; Pharoah, P; Dunning, A; Peto, J; Canzian, F; Swerdlow, A; Eeles, RA; Kote-Jarai, Z; Muir, K; Pashayan, N; Nickel, J; Nöthen, MM; Rafnar, T; Ross, FM; da Silva Filho, MI; Thomsen, H; Turesson, I; Vangsted, A; Andersen, NF; Waage, A; Walker, BA; Wihlborg, A-K; Broyl, A; Davies, FE; Thorsteinsdottir, U; Langer, C; Hansson, M; Goldschmidt, H; Kaiser, M; Sonneveld, P; Stefansson, K; Morgan, GJ; Hemminki, K; Nilsson, B; Houlston, RS; PRACTICAL consortium (2018-09-13)
      Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have transformed our understanding of susceptibility to multiple myeloma (MM), but much of the heritability remains unexplained. We report a new GWAS, a meta-analysis with previous ...
    • Interlaboratory Reproducibility of a Targeted Metabolomics Platform for Analysis of Human Serum and Plasma. 

      Siskos, AP; Jain, P; Römisch-Margl, W; Bennett, M; Achaintre, D; Asad, Y; Marney, L; Richardson, L; Koulman, A; Griffin, JL; Raynaud, F; Scalbert, A; Adamski, J; Prehn, C; Keun, HC (2017-01-03)
      A critical question facing the field of metabolomics is whether data obtained from different centers can be effectively compared and combined. An important aspect of this is the interlaboratory precision (reproducibility) ...
    • Monitoring the ERSPC trial. 

      De Koning, HJ; Hakulinen, T; Moss, SM; Adolfsson, J; Smith, PH; Alexander, FE (2003-12)
    • Online dose reconstruction for tracked volumetric arc therapy: Real-time implementation and offline quality assurance for prostate SBRT. 

      Kamerling, CP; Fast, MF; Ziegenhein, P; Menten, MJ; Nill, S; Oelfke, U (2017-11)
      PURPOSE: Firstly, this study provides a real-time implementation of online dose reconstruction for tracked volumetric arc therapy (VMAT). Secondly, this study describes a novel offline quality assurance tool, based on ...
    • seXY: a tool for sex inference from genotype arrays. 

      Qian, DC; Busam, JA; Xiao, X; O'Mara, TA; Eeles, RA; Schumacher, FR; Phelan, CM; Amos, CI (2017-02-15)
      Motivation: Checking concordance between reported sex and genotype-inferred sex is a crucial quality control measure in genome-wide association studies (GWAS). However, limited insights exist regarding the true accuracy ...
    • The UK national study of magnetic resonance imaging as a method of screening for breast cancer (MARIBS). 

      Leach, MO; Eeles, RA; Turnbull, LW; Dixon, AK; Brown, J; Hoff, RJ; Coulthard, A; Dixon, JM; Easton, DF; Evans, DG; Gilbert, FJ; Hawnaur, J; Hayes, C; Kessar, P; Lakhani, S; Liney, G; Moss, SM; Padhani, AP; Pointon, LJ; Sydenham, M; Walker, LG; Warren, RM; Haites, NE; Morrison, P; Cole, T; Rayter, Z; Donaldson, A; Shere, M; Rankin, J; Goudie, D; Steel, CM; Davidson, R; Chu, C; Ellis, I; Mackay, J; Hodgson, SV; Homfray, T; Douglas, F; Quarrell, OW; Eccles, DM; Gilbert, FG; Crothers, G; Walker, CP; Jones, A; Slack, N; Britton, P; Sheppard, DG; Walsh, J; Whitehouse, G; Teh, W; Rankin, S; Boggis, C; Potterton, J; McLean, L; Gordon, PA; Rubin, C (2002-09)
      The UK national study of magnetic resonance imaging as a method of screening for breast cancer (MARIBS) is in progress. The study design, accrual to date, and related research projects are described. Revised accrual rates ...
    • UK quantitative WB-DWI technical workgroup: consensus meeting recommendations on optimisation, quality control, processing and analysis of quantitative whole-body diffusion-weighted imaging for cancer. 

      Barnes, A; Alonzi, R; Blackledge, M; Charles-Edwards, G; Collins, DJ; Cook, G; Coutts, G; Goh, V; Graves, M; Kelly, C; Koh, D-M; McCallum, H; Miquel, ME; O'Connor, J; Padhani, A; Pearson, R; Priest, A; Rockall, A; Stirling, J; Taylor, S; Tunariu, N; van der Meulen, J; Walls, D; Winfield, J; Punwani, S (2018-01)
      OBJECTIVE: Application of whole body diffusion-weighted MRI (WB-DWI) for oncology are rapidly increasing within both research and routine clinical domains. However, WB-DWI as a quantitative imaging biomarker (QIB) has ...
    • Whole-remnant and maximum-voxel SPECT/CT dosimetry in 131I-NaI treatments of differentiated thyroid cancer. 

      Mínguez, P; Flux, G; Genollá, J; Delgado, A; Rodeño, E; Sjögreen Gleisner, K (2016-10)
      PURPOSE: To investigate the possible differences between SPECT/CT based whole-remnant and maximum-voxel dosimetry in patients receiving radio-iodine ablation treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC). METHODS: ...