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    • Clinical Outcomes of Perioperative Chemotherapy in Patients With Locally Advanced Penile Squamous-Cell Carcinoma: Results of a Multicenter Analysis. 

      Necchi, A; Pond, GR; Raggi, D; Ottenhof, SR; Djajadiningrat, RS; Horenblas, S; Khoo, V; Hakenberg, OW; Draeger, D; Protzel, C; Heidenreich, A; Haidl, F; Eigl, BJ; Nappi, L; Matsumoto, K; Vaishampayan, U; Woods, ME; Salvioni, R; Nicolai, N; Catanzaro, M; Giannatempo, P; Geynisman, DM; Preto, M; Xylinas, E; Milowsky, MI; De Placido, S; Di Lorenzo, G; Sonpavde, G (2017-10)
      BACKGROUND: The prognosis of patients with locally advanced penile squamous-cell carcinoma is primarily related to the extent of lymph node metastases. Surgery alone yields suboptimal results, and there is a paucity of ...