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    • Cancer Risks in Patients Treated With Growth Hormone in Childhood: The SAGhE European Cohort Study. 

      Swerdlow, AJ; Cooke, R; Beckers, D; Borgström, B; Butler, G; Carel, J-C; Cianfarani, S; Clayton, P; Coste, J; Deodati, A; Ecosse, E; Gausche, R; Giacomozzi, C; Hokken-Koelega, ACS; Khan, AJ; Kiess, W; Kuehni, CE; Mullis, P-E; Pfaffle, R; Sävendahl, L; Sommer, G; Thomas, M; Tidblad, A; Tollerfield, S; Van Eycken, L; Zandwijken, GRJ (2017-05)
      Context:Growth hormone (GH) is prescribed for an increasing range of indications, but there has been concern that it might raise cancer risk. Published data are limited. Objective:To examine cancer risks in relation to GH ...
    • Mortality and cancer incidence in persons with numerical sex chromosome abnormalities: a cohort study. 

      Swerdlow, AJ; Hermon, C; Jacobs, PA; Alberman, E; Beral, V; Daker, M; Fordyce, A; Youings, S (2001-03)
      Mortality and cancer incidence were assessed in a cohort of 1373 patients with numerical sex chromosome abnormalities diagnosed at three cytogenetics centres in Britain during 1959-90, and were compared with expectations ...