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    • Circulating tumor DNA-From bench to bedside. 

      Lim, JSJ; Janku, F; Yap, TA (2017-05)
      In the era of personalized medicine, tumor sampling is paramount to enable the assessment of actionable molecular aberrations to help rationalize and guide treatment decisions. Longitudinal tracking of such aberrations may ...
    • A comprehensive map of molecular drug targets. 

      Santos, R; Ursu, O; Gaulton, A; Bento, AP; Donadi, RS; Bologa, CG; Karlsson, A; Al-Lazikani, B; Hersey, A; Oprea, TI; Overington, JP (2017-01)
      The success of mechanism-based drug discovery depends on the definition of the drug target. This definition becomes even more important as we try to link drug response to genetic variation, understand stratified clinical ...
    • Ultrasound emissions: thermal and mechanical indices. 

      Kollmann, C; ter Haar, G; Doležal, L; Hennerici, M; Salvesen, KÅ; Valentin, L (2013-10)