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    • Modus operandi of the bacterial RNA polymerase containing the sigma(54) promoter-specificity factor 

      Wigneshweraraj, S; Bose, D; Burrows, PC; Joly, N; Schumacher, J; Rappas, M; Pape, T; Zhang, X; Stockley, P; Severinov, K; Buck, M (BLACKWELL PUBLISHING, 2008-05)
      Bacterial sigma (sigma) factors confer gene specificity upon the RNA polymerase, the central enzyme that catalyses gene transcription. The binding of the alternative sigma factor sigma(54) confers upon the RNA polymerase ...
    • Visualizing the organization and reorganization of transcription complexes for gene expression 

      Burrows, PC; Wigneshweraraj, S; Bose, D; Joly, N; Schumacher, J; Rappas, M; Pape, T; Stockley, PG; Zhang, X; Buck, M (PORTLAND PRESS LTD, 2008-08)
      Regulated gene expression requires control of the transcription machinery, frequently through the establishment of different functional states of the transcribing enzyme RNA polymerase and its attendant activator proteins. ...