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    • Pathway-analysis of published genome-wide association studies of lung cancer: A potential role for the CYP4F3 locus. 

      Yin, J; Liu, H; Liu, Z; Owzar, K; Han, Y; Su, L; Wei, Y; Hung, RJ; Brhane, Y; McLaughlin, J; Brennan, P; Bickeboeller, H; Rosenberger, A; Houlston, RS; Caporaso, N; Landi, MT; Heinrich, J; Risch, A; Christiani, DC; Amos, CI; Wei, Q (2017-06)
      The fatty acids (FAs) metabolism is suggested to play a pivotal role in the development of lung cancer, and we explored that by conducting a pathway-based analysis. We performed a meta-analysis of published datasets of six ...