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    • DNA replication stress mediates APOBEC3 family mutagenesis in breast cancer. 

      Kanu, N; Cerone, MA; Goh, G; Zalmas, L-P; Bartkova, J; Dietzen, M; McGranahan, N; Rogers, R; Law, EK; Gromova, I; Kschischo, M; Walton, MI; Rossanese, OW; Bartek, J; Harris, RS; Venkatesan, S; Swanton, C (2016-09-15)
      <h4>Background</h4>The APOBEC3 family of cytidine deaminases mutate the cancer genome in a range of cancer types. Although many studies have documented the downstream effects of APOBEC3 activity through next-generation ...
    • Proteogenomics of Non-smoking Lung Cancer in East Asia Delineates Molecular Signatures of Pathogenesis and Progression. 

      Chen, Y-J; Roumeliotis, TI; Chang, Y-H; Chen, C-T; Han, C-L; Lin, M-H; Chen, H-W; Chang, G-C; Chang, Y-L; Wu, C-T; Lin, M-W; Hsieh, M-S; Wang, Y-T; Chen, Y-R; Jonassen, I; Ghavidel, FZ; Lin, Z-S; Lin, K-T; Chen, C-W; Sheu, P-Y; Hung, C-T; Huang, K-C; Yang, H-C; Lin, P-Y; Yen, T-C; Lin, Y-W; Wang, J-H; Raghav, L; Lin, C-Y; Chen, Y-S; Wu, P-S; Lai, C-T; Weng, S-H; Su, K-Y; Chang, W-H; Tsai, P-Y; Robles, AI; Rodriguez, H; Hsiao, Y-J; Chang, W-H; Sung, T-Y; Chen, J-S; Yu, S-L; Choudhary, JS; Chen, H-Y; Yang, P-C; Chen, Y-J (2020-07)
      Lung cancer in East Asia is characterized by a high percentage of never-smokers, early onset and predominant EGFR mutations. To illuminate the molecular phenotype of this demographically distinct disease, we performed a ...
    • Transcriptome-wide association study of multiple myeloma identifies candidate susceptibility genes. 

      Went, M; Kinnersley, B; Sud, A; Johnson, DC; Weinhold, N; Försti, A; van Duin, M; Orlando, G; Mitchell, JS; Kuiper, R; Walker, BA; Gregory, WM; Hoffmann, P; Jackson, GH; Nöthen, MM; da Silva Filho, MI; Thomsen, H; Broyl, A; Davies, FE; Thorsteinsdottir, U; Hansson, M; Kaiser, M; Sonneveld, P; Goldschmidt, H; Stefansson, K; Hemminki, K; Nilsson, B; Morgan, GJ; Houlston, RS (2019-08-20)
      <h4>Background</h4>While genome-wide association studies (GWAS) of multiple myeloma (MM) have identified variants at 23 regions influencing risk, the genes underlying these associations are largely unknown. To identify ...