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    • Nanoneedle-Mediated Stimulation of Cell Mechanotransduction Machinery. 

      Hansel, CS; Crowder, SW; Cooper, S; Gopal, S; João Pardelha da Cruz, M; de Oliveira Martins, L; Keller, D; Rothery, S; Becce, M; Cass, AEG; Bakal, C; Chiappini, C; Stevens, MM (2019-03-04)
      Biomaterial substrates can be engineered to present topographical signals to cells which, through interactions between the material and active components of the cell membrane, regulate key cellular processes and guide cell ...
    • The sialyltransferase ST3GAL6 influences homing and survival in multiple myeloma. 

      Glavey, SV; Manier, S; Natoni, A; Sacco, A; Moschetta, M; Reagan, MR; Murillo, LS; Sahin, I; Wu, P; Mishima, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Zhang, Y; Morgan, G; Joshi, L; Roccaro, AM; Ghobrial, IM; O'Dwyer, ME (2014-09)
      Glycosylation is a stepwise procedure of covalent attachment of oligosaccharide chains to proteins or lipids, and alterations in this process, especially increased sialylation, have been associated with malignant transformation ...
    • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Promotes Assembly of the p130Cas Interactome to Drive Endothelial Chemotactic Signaling and Angiogenesis. 

      Evans, IM; Kennedy, SA; Paliashvili, K; Santra, T; Yamaji, M; Lovering, RC; Britton, G; Frankel, P; Kolch, W; Zachary, IC (2017-02)
      p130Cas is a polyvalent adapter protein essential for cardiovascular development, and with a key role in cell movement. In order to identify the pathways by which p130Cas exerts its biological functions in endothelial cells ...