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    • Distinct Levels of Reactive Oxygen Species Coordinate Metabolic Activity with Beta-cell Mass Plasticity. 

      Ahmed Alfar, E; Kirova, D; Konantz, J; Birke, S; Mansfeld, J; Ninov, N (2017-06-26)
      The pancreatic beta-cells control glucose homeostasis by secreting insulin in response to nutrient intake. The number of beta-cells is under tight metabolic control, as this number increases with higher nutrient intake. ...
    • MAP4K4 Inhibition Promotes Survival of Human Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes and Reduces Infarct Size In Vivo. 

      Fiedler, LR; Chapman, K; Xie, M; Maifoshie, E; Jenkins, M; Golforoush, PA; Bellahcene, M; Noseda, M; Faust, D; Jarvis, A; Newton, G; Paiva, MA; Harada, M; Stuckey, DJ; Song, W; Habib, J; Narasimhan, P; Aqil, R; Sanmugalingam, D; Yan, R; Pavanello, L; Sano, M; Wang, SC; Sampson, RD; Kanayaganam, S; Taffet, GE; Michael, LH; Entman, ML; Tan, T-H; Harding, SE; Low, CMR; Tralau-Stewart, C; Perrior, T; Schneider, MD (2019-04)
      Heart disease is a paramount cause of global death and disability. Although cardiomyocyte death plays a causal role and its suppression would be logical, no clinical counter-measures target the responsible intracellular ...
    • Proteomic navigation using proximity-labeling. 

      Gentzel, M; Pardo, M; Subramaniam, S; Stewart, AF; Choudhary, JS (2019-07)
      The identification of bona fide protein-protein interactions and the mapping of proteomes was greatly enhanced by protein tagging for generic affinity purification methods and analysis by mass spectrometry (AP-MS). The ...