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    • ATM Localization and Heterochromatin Repair Depend on Direct Interaction of the 53BP1-BRCT2 Domain with γH2AX. 

      Baldock, RA; Day, M; Wilkinson, OJ; Cloney, R; Jeggo, PA; Oliver, AW; Watts, FZ; Pearl, LH (2015-12)
      53BP1 plays multiple roles in mammalian DNA damage repair, mediating pathway choice and facilitating DNA double-strand break repair in heterochromatin. Although it possesses a C-terminal BRCT2 domain, commonly involved in ...
    • The BRCA1-Δ11q Alternative Splice Isoform Bypasses Germline Mutations and Promotes Therapeutic Resistance to PARP Inhibition and Cisplatin. 

      Wang, Y; Bernhardy, AJ; Cruz, C; Krais, JJ; Nacson, J; Nicolas, E; Peri, S; van der Gulden, H; van der Heijden, I; O'Brien, SW; Zhang, Y; Harrell, MI; Johnson, SF; Candido Dos Reis, FJ; Pharoah, PDP; Karlan, B; Gourley, C; Lambrechts, D; Chenevix-Trench, G; Olsson, H; Benitez, JJ; Greene, MH; Gore, M; Nussbaum, R; Sadetzki, S; Gayther, SA; Kjaer, SK; kConFab Investigators; D'Andrea, AD; Shapiro, GI; Wiest, DL; Connolly, DC; Daly, MB; Swisher, EM; Bouwman, P; Jonkers, J; Balmaña, J; Serra, V; Johnson, N (2016-05)
      Breast and ovarian cancer patients harboring BRCA1/2 germline mutations have clinically benefitted from therapy with PARP inhibitor (PARPi) or platinum compounds, but acquired resistance limits clinical impact. In this ...