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    • Breast cancer risk prediction in women aged 35-50 years: impact of including sex hormone concentrations in the Gail model. 

      Clendenen, TV; Ge, W; Koenig, KL; Afanasyeva, Y; Agnoli, C; Brinton, LA; Darvishian, F; Dorgan, JF; Eliassen, AH; Falk, RT; Hallmans, G; Hankinson, SE; Hoffman-Bolton, J; Key, TJ; Krogh, V; Nichols, HB; Sandler, DP; Schoemaker, MJ; Sluss, PM; Sund, M; Swerdlow, AJ; Visvanathan, K; Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, A; Liu, M (2019-03-19)
      BACKGROUND: Models that accurately predict risk of breast cancer are needed to help younger women make decisions about when to begin screening. Premenopausal concentrations of circulating anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), a ...