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    • Characterization of sugar binding by the mannose receptor family member, Endo180. 

      East, L; Rushton, S; Taylor, ME; Isacke, CM (2002-12)
      Members of the mannose receptor family, the mannose receptor, the phospholipase A(2) receptor, DEC-205, and Endo180, contain multiple C-type lectin-like domains (CTLDs) within a single polypeptide. In addition, at their N ...
    • Enhancer invasion shapes MYCN-dependent transcriptional amplification in neuroblastoma. 

      Zeid, R; Lawlor, MA; Poon, E; Reyes, JM; Fulciniti, M; Lopez, MA; Scott, TG; Nabet, B; Erb, MA; Winter, GE; Jacobson, Z; Polaski, DR; Karlin, KL; Hirsch, RA; Munshi, NP; Westbrook, TF; Chesler, L; Lin, CY; Bradner, JE (2018-04)
      Amplification of the locus encoding the oncogenic transcription factor MYCN is a defining feature of high-risk neuroblastoma. Here we present the first dynamic chromatin and transcriptional landscape of MYCN perturbation ...
    • Structural Basis for Auto-Inhibition of the NDR1 Kinase Domain by an Atypically Long Activation Segment. 

      Xiong, S; Lorenzen, K; Couzens, AL; Templeton, CM; Rajendran, D; Mao, DYL; Juang, Y-C; Chiovitti, D; Kurinov, I; Guettler, S; Gingras, A-C; Sicheri, F (2018-08)
      The human NDR family kinases control diverse aspects of cell growth, and are regulated through phosphorylation and association with scaffolds such as MOB1. Here, we report the crystal structure of the human NDR1 kinase ...