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    • Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to Study Glycolytic Metabolism During Autophagy. 

      Chung, Y-L; Leach, MO; Eykyn, TR (2017)
      Cancer cells undergoing starvation- and treatment-induced autophagy were found to exhibit reduced intracellular lactate, reduced rates of steady-state lactate excretion and reduced real-time pyruvate-lactate exchange rates, ...
    • Mildly elevated lactate levels are associated with microcirculatory flow abnormalities and increased mortality: a microSOAP post hoc analysis. 

      Vellinga, NAR; Boerma, EC; Koopmans, M; Donati, A; Dubin, A; Shapiro, NI; Pearse, RM; van der Voort, PHJ; Dondorp, AM; Bafi, T; Fries, M; Akarsu-Ayazoglu, T; Pranskunas, A; Hollenberg, S; Balestra, G; van Iterson, M; Sadaka, F; Minto, G; Aypar, U; Hurtado, FJ; Martinelli, G; Payen, D; van Haren, F; Holley, A; Gomez, H; Mehta, RL; Rodriguez, AH; Ruiz, C; Canales, HS; Duranteau, J; Spronk, PE; Jhanji, S; Hubble, S; Chierego, M; Jung, C; Martin, D; Sorbara, C; Bakker, J; Ince, C; microSOAP study group (2017-10-18)
      BACKGROUND: Mildly elevated lactate levels (i.e., 1-2 mmol/L) are increasingly recognized as a prognostic finding in critically ill patients. One of several possible underlying mechanisms, microcirculatory dysfunction, can ...