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    • A selective chemical probe for exploring the role of CDK8 and CDK19 in human disease. 

      Dale, T; Clarke, PA; Esdar, C; Waalboer, D; Adeniji-Popoola, O; Ortiz-Ruiz, M-J; Mallinger, A; Samant, RS; Czodrowski, P; Musil, D; Schwarz, D; Schneider, K; Stubbs, M; Ewan, K; Fraser, E; TePoele, R; Court, W; Box, G; Valenti, M; de Haven Brandon, A; Gowan, S; Rohdich, F; Raynaud, F; Schneider, R; Poeschke, O; Blaukat, A; Workman, P; Schiemann, K; Eccles, SA; Wienke, D; Blagg, J (2015-12)
      There is unmet need for chemical tools to explore the role of the Mediator complex in human pathologies ranging from cancer to cardiovascular disease. Here we determine that CCT251545, a small-molecule inhibitor of the WNT ...