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    • Development of patient-specific molecular imaging phantoms using a 3D printer. 

      Gear, JI; Long, C; Rushforth, D; Chittenden, SJ; Cummings, C; Flux, GD (2014-08)
      The aim of the study was to investigate rapid prototyping technology for the production of patient-specific, cost-effective liquid fillable phantoms directly from patient CT data.Liver, spleen, and kidney volumes were ...
    • The use of unfixed bone marrow trephines for multicolour flow cytometry. 

      Morilla, R; Moss, K; Nikolova, V; Marquardt, K; Duke, S; Adamowska, K; Fuller, L; Taifoor, A; Johnson, N; Zeisig, A; Morilla, A; Atra, A; Taussig, DC (2018-02)
      An adequate bone marrow aspirate is essential for a rapid diagnosis of acute leukaemia by multicolour flow cytometry enabling the simultaneous assessment of multiple antigens on the cell surface as well as intracellular ...