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    • Mind Bomb Regulates Cell Death during TNF Signaling by Suppressing RIPK1's Cytotoxic Potential. 

      Feltham, R; Jamal, K; Tenev, T; Liccardi, G; Jaco, I; Domingues, CM; Morris, O; John, SW; Annibaldi, A; Widya, M; Kearney, CJ; Clancy, D; Elliott, PR; Glatter, T; Qiao, Q; Thompson, AJ; Nesvizhskii, A; Schmidt, A; Komander, D; Wu, H; Martin, S; Meier, P (2018-04-10)
      Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is an inflammatory cytokine that can signal cell survival or cell death. The mechanisms that switch between these distinct outcomes remain poorly defined. Here, we show that the E3 ubiquitin ...
    • Ubiquitin-Mediated Regulation of RIPK1 Kinase Activity Independent of IKK and MK2. 

      Annibaldi, A; Wicky John, S; Vanden Berghe, T; Swatek, KN; Ruan, J; Liccardi, G; Bianchi, K; Elliott, PR; Choi, SM; Van Coillie, S; Bertin, J; Wu, H; Komander, D; Vandenabeele, P; Silke, J; Meier, P (2018-02-15)
      Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) can drive inflammation, cell survival, and death. While ubiquitylation-, phosphorylation-, and nuclear factor κB (NF-κB)-dependent checkpoints suppress the cytotoxic potential of TNF, it remains ...