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    • Consistency of staining and reporting of oestrogen receptor immunocytochemistry within the European Union - an inter-laboratory study 

      Wells, CA; Sloane, JP; Coleman, D; Munt, C; Amendoeira, I; Apostolikas, N; Bellocq, JP; Bianchi, S; Boecker, W; Bussolati, G; Connolly, CE; Dervan, P; Drijkoningen, M; Ellis, IO; Elston, CW; Eusebi, V; Faverly, D; Heikkila, P; Holland, R; Jacquemier, J; Lacerda, M; Martinez-Penuela, J; De Miguel, C; Peterse, JL; Rank, F; Reiner, A; Saksela, E; Sigal-Zafrani, B; Sylvan, M; Borisch, B; Cserni, G; Decker, T; Kerner, H; Kulka, J; Regitnig, P; Sapino, A; Tanous, AM; Thorstenson, S; Zozaya, E; Screen, EWGB (SPRINGER, 2004-08)
      To assess the variability of oestrogen receptor (ER) testing using immunocytochemistry, centrally stained and unstained slides from breast cancers were circulated to the members of the European Working Group for Breast ...
    • Impact of a national external quality assessment scheme for breast pathology in the UK 

      Ellis, IO; Coleman, D; Wells, C; Kodikara, S; Paish, EM; Moss, S; Al-sam, S; Anderson, N; Bobrow, L; Buley, I; Connolly, CE; Dallimore, NS; Hales, S; Hanby, A; Humphreys, S; Knox, F; Lowe, J; Macartney, J; Nash, R; Parham, D; Patnick, J; Pinder, SE; Quinn, CM; Robertson, AJ; Shrimankar, J; Walker, RA; Winder, R (BMJ Publishing Group, 2006)
      Background: This article presents the results and observed effects of the UK National Health Service Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP) external quality assurance scheme in breast histopathology. Aims/Methods: The major ...