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    • Systematic Discovery of Short Linear Motifs Decodes Calcineurin Phosphatase Signaling. 

      Wigington, CP; Roy, J; Damle, NP; Yadav, VK; Blikstad, C; Resch, E; Wong, CJ; Mackay, DR; Wang, JT; Krystkowiak, I; Bradburn, DA; Tsekitsidou, E; Hong, SH; Kaderali, MA; Xu, S-L; Stearns, T; Gingras, A-C; Ullman, KS; Ivarsson, Y; Davey, NE; Cyert, MS (2020-07-08)
      Short linear motifs (SLiMs) drive dynamic protein-protein interactions essential for signaling, but sequence degeneracy and low binding affinities make them difficult to identify. We harnessed unbiased systematic approaches ...