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    • Adjuvant Olaparib for Patients with <i>BRCA1</i>- or <i>BRCA2</i>-Mutated Breast Cancer. 

      Tutt, ANJ; Garber, JE; Kaufman, B; Viale, G; Fumagalli, D; Rastogi, P; Gelber, RD; de Azambuja, E; Fielding, A; Balmaña, J; Domchek, SM; Gelmon, KA; Hollingsworth, SJ; Korde, LA; Linderholm, B; Bandos, H; Senkus, E; Suga, JM; Shao, Z; Pippas, AW; Nowecki, Z; Huzarski, T; Ganz, PA; Lucas, PC; Baker, N; Loibl, S; McConnell, R; Piccart, M; Schmutzler, R; Steger, GG; Costantino, JP; Arahmani, A; Wolmark, N; McFadden, E; Karantza, V; Lakhani, SR; Yothers, G; Campbell, C; Geyer, CE; OlympiA Clinical Trial Steering Committee and Investigators (2021-06-03)
      Background Poly(adenosine diphosphate-ribose) polymerase inhibitors target cancers with defects in homologous recombination repair by synthetic lethality. New therapies are needed to reduce recurrence in patients with BRCA1 ...
    • Changes in radiotherapy fractionation-breast cancer. 

      Yarnold, J (2019-01)
      Conventional fractionation for half a century has been justified on the basis that 2.0 Gy fractions spare dose-limiting late-responding normal tissues to a greater degree than cancerous tissues. Early indications that ...