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    • Differential effects of lenalidomide during plasma cell differentiation. 

      Jourdan, M; Cren, M; Schafer, P; Robert, N; Duperray, C; Vincent, L; Ceballos, P; Cartron, G; Rossi, J-F; Moreaux, J; Chopra, R; Klein, B (2016-05)
      Thalidomide, lenalidomide and pomalidomide have greatly improved the outcome of patients with multiple myeloma. However, their effects on plasma cells, the healthy counterpart of myeloma cells, are unknown. Here, we ...
    • Magnetic resonance imaging of the low rectum: defining the radiological anatomy. 

      Salerno, G; Daniels, IR; Brown, G (2006-09)
      Low rectal cancer provides a particular surgical challenge of local tumour control and sphincter preservation. Histopathological studies have shown that an involved circumferential resection margin (CRM) and depth of ...