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    • Arc Requires PSD95 for Assembly into Postsynaptic Complexes Involved with Neural Dysfunction and Intelligence. 

      Fernández, E; Collins, MO; Frank, RAW; Zhu, F; Kopanitsa, MV; Nithianantharajah, J; Lemprière, SA; Fricker, D; Elsegood, KA; McLaughlin, CL; Croning, MDR; Mclean, C; Armstrong, JD; Hill, WD; Deary, IJ; Cencelli, G; Bagni, C; Fromer, M; Purcell, SM; Pocklington, AJ; Choudhary, JS; Komiyama, NH; Grant, SGN (2017-10)
      Arc is an activity-regulated neuronal protein, but little is known about its interactions, assembly into multiprotein complexes, and role in human disease and cognition. We applied an integrated proteomic and genetic ...
    • Evolution of complexity in the zebrafish synapse proteome. 

      Bayés, À; Collins, MO; Reig-Viader, R; Gou, G; Goulding, D; Izquierdo, A; Choudhary, JS; Emes, RD; Grant, SGN (2017-03-02)
      The proteome of human brain synapses is highly complex and is mutated in over 130 diseases. This complexity arose from two whole-genome duplications early in the vertebrate lineage. Zebrafish are used in modelling human ...
    • MEKK3 coordinates with FBW7 to regulate WDR62 stability and neurogenesis. 

      Xu, D; Yao, M; Wang, Y; Yuan, L; Hoeck, JD; Yu, J; Liu, L; Yeap, YYC; Zhang, W; Zhang, F; Feng, Y; Ma, T; Wang, Y; Ng, DCH; Niu, X; Su, B; Behrens, A; Xu, Z (2018-12-19)
      Mutations of WD repeat domain 62 (WDR62) lead to autosomal recessive primary microcephaly (MCPH), and down-regulation of WDR62 expression causes the loss of neural progenitor cells (NPCs). However, how WDR62 is regulated ...