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dc.identifier.citationONCOLOGIST, 2016, 21 (9), pp. 1131 - 1135
dc.description.abstractBackground. The 1p19q non-codeleted gliomas with IDH mutation, defined as "molecular astrocytomas," display frequent TP53 mutations and have an intermediate prognosis. We investigated the prognostic impact of copy number-neutral loss of heterozygosity (CNLOH) in 17p in this population. Methods. We analyzed 793 gliomas (206 grade II, 377 grade III, and 210 grade IV) by single nucleotide polymorphism array and for TP53 mutations. Results. Homodisomy revealed by CNLOH was observed in 156 cases (19.7%). It was more frequent in astrocytomas and oligoastrocytomas (98/256, 38%) than oligodendrogliomas (28/327, 8.6%; p<.0001) or glioblastoma multiforme (30/210, 14.3%; p<.0001), tightly associated with TP53 mutation (69/71 vs. 20/79; p = 2 x 10(-16)), and mutually exclusive with 1p19q codeletion (1/156 vs. 249/556; p<. 0001). In the group of IDH-mutated 1p19q non-codeleted gliomas, CNLOH 17p was associated with longer survival (86.3 vs. 46.2 months; p=.004), particularly in grade III gliomas (overall survival >100 vs. 37.9 months; p=.007). These data were confirmed in an independent dataset from the Cancer Genome Atlas. Conclusion. CNLOH 17p is a prognostic marker and further refines the molecular classification of gliomas.
dc.format.extent1131 - 1135
dc.subjectGliomas Copy number neutral loss of heterozygosity TP53 mutation MYELOID MALIGNANCIES TP53 MUTATIONS NEUTRAL LOSS COPY HETEROZYGOSITY TUMORS
dc.titleChromosome 17p Homodisomy Is Associated With Better Outcome in 1p19q Non-Codeleted and IDH-Mutated Gliomas
dc.typeJournal Article
rioxxterms.typeJournal Article/Review
pubs.notesISI Document Delivery No.: DW1HJ Times Cited: 0 Cited Reference Count: 20 Labussiere, Marianne Rahimian, Amithys Giry, Marine Boisselier, Blandine Schmitt, Yohann Polivka, Marc Mokhtari, Karima Delattre, Jean-Yves Idbaih, Ahmed Labreche, Karim Alentorn, Agusti Sanson, Marc Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer; Association pour la Recherche sur les Tumeurs Cerebrales; program "Investissements d'Avenir" [ANR-10-IAIHU-06] Supported by grants from the Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer and the Association pour la Recherche sur les Tumeurs Cerebrales. This work is part of the national program Cartes d'Identite des Tumeurs ( funded and developed by the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer. The research leading to these results has received funding from the program "Investissements d'Avenir" (ANR-10-IAIHU-06). The results published here are based in part on data generated by the Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network ( 0 ALPHAMED PRESS DURHAM ONCOLOGIST
pubs.notesNot known
pubs.embargo.termsNot known
dc.contributor.icrauthorLabreche, Karimen

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