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    • Caspase-10 Negatively Regulates Caspase-8-Mediated Cell Death, Switching the Response to CD95L in Favor of NF-κB Activation and Cell Survival. 

      Horn, S; Hughes, MA; Schilling, R; Sticht, C; Tenev, T; Ploesser, M; Meier, P; Sprick, MR; MacFarlane, M; Leverkus, M (2017-04)
      Formation of the death-inducing signaling complex (DISC) initiates extrinsic apoptosis. Caspase-8 and its regulator cFLIP control death signaling by binding to death-receptor-bound FADD. By elucidating the function of the ...
    • Gene-environment interactions involving functional variants: Results from the Breast Cancer Association Consortium. 

      Barrdahl, M; Rudolph, A; Hopper, JL; Southey, MC; Broeks, A; Fasching, PA; Beckmann, MW; Gago-Dominguez, M; Castelao, JE; Guénel, P; Truong, T; Bojesen, SE; Gapstur, SM; Gaudet, MM; Brenner, H; Arndt, V; Brauch, H; Hamann, U; Mannermaa, A; Lambrechts, D; Jongen, L; Flesch-Janys, D; Thoene, K; Couch, FJ; Giles, GG; Simard, J; Goldberg, MS; Figueroa, J; Michailidou, K; Bolla, MK; Dennis, J; Wang, Q; Eilber, U; Behrens, S; Czene, K; Hall, P; Cox, A; Cross, S; Swerdlow, A; Schoemaker, MJ; Dunning, AM; Kaaks, R; Pharoah, PDP; Schmidt, M; Garcia-Closas, M; Easton, DF; Milne, RL; Chang-Claude, J (2017-11)
      Investigating the most likely causal variants identified by fine-mapping analyses may improve the power to detect gene-environment interactions. We assessed the interplay between 70 single nucleotide polymorphisms identified ...
    • RIPK1 and Caspase-8 Ensure Chromosome Stability Independently of Their Role in Cell Death and Inflammation. 

      Liccardi, G; Ramos Garcia, L; Tenev, T; Annibaldi, A; Legrand, AJ; Robertson, D; Feltham, R; Anderton, H; Darding, M; Peltzer, N; Dannappel, M; Schünke, H; Fava, LL; Haschka, MD; Glatter, T; Nesvizhskii, A; Schmidt, A; Harris, PA; Bertin, J; Gough, PJ; Villunger, A; Silke, J; Pasparakis, M; Bianchi, K; Meier, P (2019-02)
      Receptor-interacting protein kinase (RIPK) 1 functions as a key mediator of tissue homeostasis via formation of Caspase-8 activating ripoptosome complexes, positively and negatively regulating apoptosis, necroptosis, and ...