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    • De Novo Truncating Mutations in the Last and Penultimate Exons of PPM1D Cause an Intellectual Disability Syndrome. 

      Jansen, S; Geuer, S; Pfundt, R; Brough, R; Ghongane, P; Herkert, JC; Marco, EJ; Willemsen, MH; Kleefstra, T; Hannibal, M; Shieh, JT; Lynch, SA; Flinter, F; FitzPatrick, DR; Gardham, A; Bernhard, B; Ragge, N; Newbury-Ecob, R; Bernier, R; Kvarnung, M; Magnusson, EAH; Wessels, MW; van Slegtenhorst, MA; Monaghan, KG; de Vries, P; Veltman, JA; Deciphering Developmental Disorders Study; Lord, CJ; Vissers, LELM; de Vries, BBA (2017-04)
      Intellectual disability (ID) is a highly heterogeneous disorder involving at least 600 genes, yet a genetic diagnosis remains elusive in ∼35%-40% of individuals with moderate to severe ID. Recent meta-analyses statistically ...