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    • The cylindromatosis gene product, CYLD, interacts with MIB2 to regulate notch signalling. 

      Rajan, N; Elliott, RJR; Smith, A; Sinclair, N; Swift, S; Lord, CJ; Ashworth, A (2014-12)
      CYLD, an ubiquitin hydrolase, has an expanding repertoire of regulatory roles in cell signalling and is dysregulated in a number of cancers. To dissect CYLD function we used a proteomics approach to identify CYLD interacting ...
    • Overexpression of MYB drives proliferation of CYLD-defective cylindroma cells. 

      Rajan, N; Andersson, MK; Sinclair, N; Fehr, A; Hodgson, K; Lord, CJ; Kazakov, DV; Vanecek, T; Ashworth, A; Stenman, G (2016-06)
      Cutaneous cylindroma is an adnexal tumour with apocrine differentiation. A predisposition to multiple cylindromas is seen in patients with Brooke-Spiegler syndrome, who carry germline mutations in the tumour suppressor ...