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    • Evidence that the 5p12 Variant rs10941679 Confers Susceptibility to Estrogen-Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer through FGF10 and MRPS30 Regulation. 

      Ghoussaini, M; French, JD; Michailidou, K; Nord, S; Beesley, J; Canisus, S; Hillman, KM; Kaufmann, S; Sivakumaran, H; Moradi Marjaneh, M; Lee, JS; Dennis, J; Bolla, MK; Wang, Q; Dicks, E; Milne, RL; Hopper, JL; Southey, MC; Schmidt, MK; Broeks, A; Muir, K; Lophatananon, A; Fasching, PA; Beckmann, MW; Fletcher, O; Johnson, N; Sawyer, EJ; Tomlinson, I; Burwinkel, B; Marme, F; Guénel, P; Truong, T; Bojesen, SE; Flyger, H; Benitez, J; González-Neira, A; Alonso, MR; Pita, G; Neuhausen, SL; Anton-Culver, H; Brenner, H; Arndt, V; Meindl, A; Schmutzler, RK; Brauch, H; Hamann, U; Tessier, DC; Vincent, D; Nevanlinna, H; Khan, S; Matsuo, K; Ito, H; Dörk, T; Bogdanova, NV; Lindblom, A; Margolin, S; Mannermaa, A; Kosma, V-M; kConFab/AOCS Investigators; Wu, AH; Van Den Berg, D; Lambrechts, D; Floris, G; Chang-Claude, J; Rudolph, A; Radice, P; Barile, M; Couch, FJ; Hallberg, E; Giles, GG; Haiman, CA; Le Marchand, L; Goldberg, MS; Teo, SH; Yip, CH; Borresen-Dale, A-L; NBCS Collaborators; Zheng, W; Cai, Q; Winqvist, R; Pylkäs, K; Andrulis, IL; Devilee, P; Tollenaar, RAEM; García-Closas, M; Figueroa, J; Hall, P; Czene, K; Brand, JS; Darabi, H; Eriksson, M; Hooning, MJ; Koppert, LB; Li, J; Shu, X-O; Zheng, Y; Cox, A; Cross, SS; Shah, M; Rhenius, V; Choi, J-Y; Kang, D; Hartman, M; Chia, KS; Kabisch, M; Torres, D; Luccarini, C; Conroy, DM; Jakubowska, A; Lubinski, J; Sangrajrang, S; Brennan, P; Olswold, C; Slager, S; Shen, C-Y; Hou, M-F; Swerdlow, A; Schoemaker, MJ; Simard, J; Pharoah, PDP; Kristensen, V; Chenevix-Trench, G; Easton, DF; Dunning, AM; Edwards, SL (2016-10)
      Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have revealed increased breast cancer risk associated with multiple genetic variants at 5p12. Here, we report the fine mapping of this locus using data from 104,660 subjects from 50 ...
    • Signalling pathways implicated in early mammary gland morphogenesis and breast cancer. 

      Howard, B; Ashworth, A (2006-08)
      Specification of mammary epithelial cell fate occurs during embryogenesis as cells aggregate to form the mammary anlage. Within the embryonic mammary bud, a population of epithelial cells exists that will subsequently ...